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Beneteau and its network of dealers are enrolled in the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) program. The program was established to support the industry's goal of raising the bar on customer satisfaction. 

Each year the NMMA awards participating manufacturers that actively measure customer satisfaction and pursue continuous improvement to better serve the customer. Award recipients achieve and maintain an independently-measured standard of excellence of 90 percent or higher in customer satisfaction over the past year and participating manufacturers are required to survey all new boat buyers during this period. 

“Consistently surveying our customers to measure their satisfaction levels has been a strategic commitment of ours for years. The objective of participating in the NMMA program has always been to use this valuable information to drive ourselves towards ever higher levels of quality while exceeding the expectations of the owners of the beautiful floating dreams our Beneteau America team creates.” said Laurent Fabre, President. "It is a wonderful confirmation that for several years in a row Beneteau and our great dealer network are the ONLY sailboat company and dealer body that are recognized by NMMA to deliver exceptional quality of product and service.”

Last September, Beneteau received the 2014 Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award in the Sailboats category to acknowledge its efforts and excellence in customer satisfaction. Read more.

 SGB Finance North America, Inc.- subsidiary of SGB Finance S.A France - is a joint venture between CGL and the Beneteau Group. CGL France is a financial establishment founded in 1951 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French Bank, Societe Generale.

This relationship is significant because Société Générale is one of the largest banks in the world with 152,000 employees in 82 countries.

SGB Finance is uniquely positioned to finance a diverse international customer base that no other lender currently offers. SGB Finance’s parent company is a dominant force in the European marine finance industry and brings to the U.S. a wealth of knowledge, international financing options, and unprecedented experience.

The SGB Promise

  • SGB Finance will work with you to secure a boat loan for your next new or used boat
  • SGB's traditional marine financing program provides boat loans for recreational vessels of all sizes
  • Financing of all BENETEAU ranges, starting at $50,000
  • SGB typically finances up to 80% LTV (subject to conditions)
  • 20 year maximum term - Fixed rates (remove floating rates)

While your local Beneteau dealer is always the best person to answer your questions about your Beneteau, our dedicated Customer Service team is also there to support you. If you would like to schedule a factory visit or need assistance with ordering spare parts through our online ordering system, please email us.

To order spare parts, please visit http://spareparts.beneteauusa.com/


TRUST: Beneteau is proud to have built a foundation of trust over its 130 years at sea. You’re getting a boat designed and manufactured by one of the longest standing, passionate, and successful boatyards in the world.

INNOVATION: At a time when many manufacturers are just “hanging on,” Beneteau’s designers and engineers have been innovating and improving the breed. The result is a fleet of practical, elegant and, above all, seaworthy boats that will provide years of enjoyment.

QUALITY: Beneteau’s commitment to the most advanced technologies and manufacturing methods, as well as its own rigorous standards allows the state-of the- art facilities in the USA, Europe and South America to produce yachts second to none in quality and durability. At the helm of a Beneteau, you’ll spend more time on the water and less time in the yard for repairs.

PERFORMANCE: Beneteau has a long history of collaborating with the most respected naval architects, designers and engineers to craft yachts which continually raise the bar for seaworthiness, comfort, speed and fuel efficiency.

RETAINED VALUE: When you invest in a Beneteau, you’re not only buying years of enjoyment on the water for you and your family; you’re buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are investing in a vessel which has proven to retain its value over time.

SUPPORT: Beneteau boasts a network of over 400 dealers worldwide. Anywhere you go, there’s likely to be a dealer nearby for any help you might need from repairs and spare parts to tips and pointers.

COMMUNITY: The Beneteau community of owners is one of the largest social networks on the water. Wherever your adventures take you, you’re almost guaranteed to be among fellow Beneteau owners. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie and support that comes with joining this distinguished group.

FINANCING: Beneteau’s finance partner, SGB provides customized solutions to make the purchase of your dream boat easier than ever.

WARRANTY: Beneteau’s three-year warranty is one of the best and strongest in the business. It provides you with the time to shake down your yacht, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

9 commitments of Beneteau and its dealer network

Your Beneteau dealer - a leisure-craft professional at your service
Meeting the strict service requirements applied by Beneteau and its network, your dealer does a lot more than just sell boats. He’s an experienced professional well-versed in all aspects of leisure craft. Backed by a team of qualified and regularly-trained technicians, he is always there to advise you, whatever your needs.

2 Personal assistance with boat handover, from delivery onwards
Your Beneteau dealer is committed to making the handover process as smooth as possible, and helping you with everything you need to get you on the water, from securing a berth to licensing, registration, insurance, sailing and navigation skills.

Ongoing maintenance for your boat
Your dealer is there to help you draw up a list of items you should check regularly, advise you on any maintenance that may be necessary and supply you with replacement or additional equipment.

4 Open prices
Your Beneteau dealer offers clearly-itemized prices for any work your boat may require, including labor charges, lift-out, winter storage and the most frequently used spares. He will always submit a quotation before beginning any work.

5 Meeting services deadlines
Because your Beneteau dealer is there to help you get the most out of your boat, he will carry out any work as quickly as possible and meet the deadlines he will commit to.

6 Spare parts availability
To make sure you receive the fastest and most efficient service possible, Beneteau operates a centralized spare parts service for the most frequently used parts. Whatever the problem, Beneteau is committed to supplying your dealer with whatever you need (subject to stock availability).

 7-year structural warranty*
Acting on your dealer’s diagnosis, Beneteau will repair any defect to the hull and deck of your boat agreed by the Beneteau technical department to be the result of faulty manufacture. This warranty applies for a period of 7 years from delivery of your new boat.

*In accordance with Beneteau’s general warranty conditions.

8 Permanent assistance
Wherever in the world you sail, there is a Beneteau dealer on hand to advise and assist you. Please visit www.beneteauusa.com/dealerships for a list of Beneteau dealers.

Full services right through to selling your Beneteau
Your dealer will also help you prepare to sell your boat at the best possible price, including checking the boat and its fittings, conducting a detailed technical survey and estimating its value. Your dealer will also be delighted to assist you with the trade in of your existing vessel for your next Beneteau.